Multi-zone Controllers

Control the ideal temperature of multiple rooms at the same time

What is Multi-zone Controllers?

Multi-zone controllers enable precise control and management of the airflow in different rooms or areas within a building. By dividing the space into multiple zones, you can tailor the ventilation levels to specific needs, optimizing comfort and energy usage.

Benefits of Multi-zone Controllers

Energy savings

avoid wasting energy on unused or less frequently used areas.

Optimizing comfort

personalize their environment for maximum comfort.

Smart automation

with smart home systems, our controllers offer convenient control options and advanced scheduling features.

Make-up Air System

Prevent shortness of breath dues to poorly ventilated space.

What is Make-up Air System?

Make-up air system brings additional fresh outdoor air into a building to replace the air that is exhausted by ventilation systems, exhaust fans. Make-up air systems are crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in both residential and commercial spaces.

Benefits of Make-up Air System

Protect your Health
Our systems remove pollutants, odors, and contaminants from the incoming air, providing a healthier environment.

Protect your equipment and safety

make-up air systems prevent negative pressure situations that helps your facility sealed off from the extreme outside weather.

Energy efficiency

Our systems are designed to optimize energy usage, minimizing heat loss or gain during the ventilation process.

Effects of poor ventilations:

  • Mold growth
  • Wall damages
  • Bad odour
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Increase airborne bacteria

Enjoy fresh air with our Ventilation Installation service.

We make sure

Right Ventilation Systems

We help you choose the suitable system for your space to save cost and energy.

Proper installation

Prevent safety hazards and poor performance, or any future damages.

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