Water heaterInstallation & Repair

Ensure you got hot water during the cold day.DN Technical specializes in heating, cooling,ventilation & electricity offers Water heater repair & installation services at reasonable prices.

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Water + Gas PipingInstallation & Repair

Our experienced team of plumbers is dedicated to ensuring the integrity and functionality of your water pipe systems. Whether you need repairs, replacements, or maintenance, we are here to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

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Water SoftenerInstallation & Repair

A water softener can be a lifesaver for homeowners.

  • Prevents pipes and appliances buildup.
  • Cleaner hair & softer skin.
  • Preserve clothes new and fresh after washes.
  • Cleaner dishes.
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Radiant Floor HeatingInstallation & Repair

The most comfortable and efficient form of home heating. Radiant floor heating systems conduct heat through the floor, brings many benefits that air heating can’t compete.

  • Spread heat more efficient
  • Less allergens
  • Operate quietly
  • Resale house for higher value
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Honest, Reliable, Responsiblemake us different

No hidden fees

We will give you all the information and prices after checking all the problems. Only when you agree will we start the service.

Emergency, fast services

Power outage or a leaking tank bring a lot of trouble. DN Technical understands that, that’s why we provide same-day fast repair service to save your day.

Highly experienced staff

With over 15 years of experience, DN Technical will provide the best services to the customers and fix the problem to the core.

Competitive price

DN Technical always get the best price from our reputable Dealers

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Right unit size

We will choose the suitable unit for your space to save cost and energy for your home.

Proper installation

Prevent safety hazards and poor performance, or any future damages.

Warranty x2

Worry-free with our 2x times for warranty. Because we’re confident in our work and services.

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